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B. LILARAM, S.L. with the V.A.T. B38282166 and social residence in PUERTA CANSECO, 35 - 38003 SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE it owns WATCHSTORE.ES

Email:  Telfs. 922 288 200 - 922 288  204

WATCHSTORE.ES online store is managed by B. Lilaram, S.L., a company dedicated to the watchmaking industry with extensive experience and knowledge in the Canary Islands. We have worked for over 30 years providing our clients brands with watchmaking tradition and fashion, along with an efficient after sales service, plus own repair shop.

Our company has the exclusive representation and distribution of NAMASTE, DELTA and SIXTH SENSE brands, which are well placed in the field of watchmaking. The first of these brands (NAMASTE) designed with excellent design and a value, the second (DELTA) meets the needs of the current fashion for different seasons at affordable prices and the third (SIXTH SENSE)It is a collection full of character, with which we want to highlight the most personal and intimate style of our customers, focusing on your sixth sense, in its most avant-garde status, making watches with vocation of fashion complements.

Our latest addition is the OBAKU watches that provide an exclusive watch collection focused on a simple, serene design that supports the philosophy of uniting traditions of simplicity found in two different cultures such as European and Asian.